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Annals of Marketing Management and Economics 2016 2 (1)

ISSN: 2449-7479 eISSN: 2543-8840
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Akhtar P. An analysis of capital structure determinants using the example of Pakistan’s cement sector companies listed on the Karachi stock exchange 5-12pdf
2. Chalimoniuk D., Pizło W. The influence of the operational programme innovative economy on individuals at risk of the digital divide and their participation in the electronic economy 13-23pdf
3. Dobrowolska I. European Union policy for the socio-economic development of Africa 25-38pdf
4. Kowalczyk B. Changes to the system of direct payments in the framework of the CAP reform for the years 2014–2020 39-51pdf
5. Drzazga M., Karpa A., Łaguna T., Pawelec M., Piórkowski M. Customer transport preferences in services offered by the regional Olsztyn-Mazury airport in Szymany 53-65pdf
6. Michalski E. International competitive intelligence 67-78pdf
7. Mutrynowski T. Regulatory determinants of US automotive market structure – an overview 79-89pdf
8. Nyk M. Tax planning for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 91-98pdf
9. Podhorodecka K. The impact of the global economic crisis on tourism in Cyprus 99-110pdf
10. Soroka-Potrzebna H. Survival analysis of newly formed companies in the years 2009–2013 111-119pdf
11. Szara A. Talent management programmes in the retail industry designed for university graduates 121-133pdf
12. Waśkowski Z. Relationship management in effective sports sponsorship 135-144pdf
13. Wychowaniec W. Age management as an opportunity to manage employees effectively in the light of demographic changes 145-153pdf