Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture 2006 14

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Bórawski P. Food Safety in Poland in the Aspect of European Union Integration 7-14pdf
2. Darashkevich I. The development of regional herbal market 15-20pdf
3. Defrancesco E., Zolin B. EU enlargement and agricultural trade between new and old member states: any changes one year after accession? 21-32pdf
4. Demyanenko S. Globalization and development of Ukrainian agriculture 33-37pdf
5. Hobets A. Analysis the efficiency of pork production in Grodno region 38-44pdf
6. Karpik V. Some problems of the state regulation in the agricultural sector 45-51pdf
7. Kowalska I. Financing of regional and local programs of educational opportunities equalization 52-60pdf
8. Kretskaya V. Processes of concentration and cooperation in the dairy subcomplex 61-65pdf
9. Jóźwiak M., Manteuffel-Szoege H. Macroeconomic efficiency of a small provincial public library 66-73pdf
10. Pestis M., Rudenko D., Rudenko E. Tendencies in meat production in the Republic of Belarus 74-84pdf
11. Slavkova O. Agrarian policy influence on rural territorial development 85-85pdf
12. Sychevnik A. The development of milk market in Belarus 86-92pdf
13. Tachytskaya K. Estimation of formation and use of manpower 93-96pdf
14. Zmitrevich L. The main directions of improving the economic effectiveness in meat industry in Grodno region 97-107pdf