Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture 2010 10(25) (3)

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Ciechomski W. Evolution of the food retail trade in Poland 5-11pdf
2. Heyder M., Theuvsen L. Corporate Social Responsibility in the agri-food sector: the case of GMOs 15-32pdf
3. Kobus P. Modelling wheat yields variability in Polish voivodeships 33-40pdf
4. Krzyżanowski J. Are export refunds necessary? 41-46pdf
5. Bukowski M., Manteuffel-Szoege H. Economic appraisal of flood protection projects 47-57pdf
6. Odosii O. Possible economic consequences of the free trade area creation between the European Union and Ukraine for the agri-food sector 58-68pdf
7. Pawlak K. Competitiveness of chief producers of plant raw materials in intra-EU trade 69-78pdf
8. Rudnicki R. Spatial differences in the level of absorption of Common Agricultural Policy funds by agricultural holdings in Poland over the years 2004–2006 79-87pdf
9. D’Haese L., D’Haese M., Sefoko N., van Rooyen J. Good governance and social responsibility in the South African wine industry 88-98pdf
10. Smelíková E. New challenge for competitiveness of an agro-food company: to gain global competitive advantage 99-105pdf
11. Golovkov V., Sytchevnik A. Prospects of table eggs production in Belarus 106-113pdf
12. Wereda W. Role of good governance in the development of a commune within a subregion 114-123pdf
13. Wiśniewska J. Internationalization of agro-food trade in the Visegrad Group countries after their entering into the European Union 124-133pdf
14. Henning C., Zarnekow N. Local government performance and spatial dependencies: drivers of structural support allocation? 134-144pdf