Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Annals of Marketing Management and Economics 2016 2 (2)

ISSN: 2449-7479 eISSN: 2543-8840
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Biernat-Jarka A., Trębska P. The professional activity of women in NGOs in Poland 5-13pdf
2. Gołasa P. Economic determinants in the support of organic orchards laid down in the Rural Development Programme 2014–2020 15-24pdf
3. Jakubowska K. Organizational practice and employee expectations in the processes of preparation and implementation of evaluation systems 25-34pdf
4. Jaroszewski T. An education voucher as a way to increase competitiveness in upper secondary schools educational services market 35-45pdf
5. Kaczmarek K. Evaluation of the level of socio-economic development in the counties of Wielkopolska Province in 2014 47-61pdf
6. Balcerzak J., Bórawski P., Kochanowicz Z. The Influence of Milk Packaging on Purchase Decisions of University Students in Ostrołęka County 63-72pdf
7. Korzeniewska A., Wierzchowska K. Performance measurement and high team performance building using the Prism Team Performance Diagnostic 73-88pdf
8. Mazur P. A comparative analysis of targeting measures and the absorption of funds under the Rural Development Plan 2004–2006 and the Rural Development Programme 2007–2013 89-109pdf
9. Salamon J. The economic dimension of the EU cooperation with the Maghreb countries 111-120pdf
10. Szwajlik A. Creating consumer values in the process of developing product innovation 121-132pdf
11. Bis J., Żminda T. Regional convergence in Poland and Ukraine after 2004 – a comparative analysis 133-151pdf