European Union policy for the socio-economic development of Africa

Izabela Dobrowolska
Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
Dobrowolska, Izabela (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
European Union policy for the socio-economic development of Africa
Annals of Marketing Management and Economics, 2016, vol.2, nr 1, s. 25-38

Key words

Africa socio-economic development the European Union growth prosperity


The main goal of the research was to show the European Union’s policy towards the regional development of the African continent. Recently, Africa has played a very important role on the international political arena and it has been empowered thanks to a plentiful supply of raw materials. The Communities’ help is based mainly on financial support and promotion of the Mediterranean area. Under the long-term cooperation between the two continents, many agreements, acts, and documents have been signed that would directly benefit the African states and indirectly help the entire European Union. While these documents and agreements cover a variety of matters, including environmental protection and human rights, they are diffuse and lack clear goals. The article relies on the relevant and current literature and a variety of statistics.