Corporate Social Resposibility activities undertaken by enterprises

Mateusz Rak
WSB University in Wroclaw
Rak, Mateusz (WSB University in Wroclaw)
Corporate Social Resposibility activities undertaken by enterprises
Annals of Marketing Management and Economics, 2017, vol.3, nr 1, s. 109-122

Key words

corporate philanthropy CSR strategy corporate foundation


The paper shows areas of CSR included in corporate strategy, including particularly philanthropy, which may be pursued by an external organisation. It also presents areas of corporate social responsibility, providing a background for the results of the analysis of secondary data concerning the importance of CSR for enterprise. The procedure for creating a CSR strategy is explained and the possibilities of pursuing philanthropic tasks by an external organisation are shown. Using own research (the analysis of websites of 125 corporate foundations in Poland in 2015 and the results of the survey of 46 managers from corporate foundations), author present ways of delegating philanthropic tasks to corporate foundations and how the tasks are accomplished. This article is intended for researchers studying CSR and also for company managers who think about philanthropy.