Movie consumption among Hungarian university students

Ádám Horváth1, Balázs Gyenge2
1, 2 Szent István University
Horváth, Ádám (Szent István University)
Gyenge, Balázs (Szent István University)
Movie consumption among Hungarian university students
Annals of Marketing Management and Economics, 2017, vol.3, nr 1, s. 13-22

Key words

consumer behaviour culture consumption decision making movie download


In recent years, movie theatres have again found their footing, managing to grow audiences with exciting releases and new technologies. However, uncertainty remains as to how consumers obtain information and make decisions (be it the choice of a particular title or by what means it’s watched). While thwarting piracy still proves a great challenge, the issue could be approached from a different point of view: as a service problem to be solved by offering better alternatives. Following a brief look at some of the relevant literature, this paper analyzes a pilot study conducted with university students, who were asked about their movie consumption habits, focusing on the various influences and sources of information that have an effect on their decisions.