Integral human development

Jolanta Żukowska
Warsaw School of Economics
Żukowska, Jolanta (Warsaw School of Economics)
Integral human development
Annals of Marketing Management and Economics, 2017, vol.3, nr 2, s. 137-145

Key words

ecology international organizations integral development


The concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are intended to humanize activity. However, are the existing concepts sufficient for them to fully realize their place in the world and its ecosystems, and to fulfill these roles? Is it necessary to seek a new concept of human organizational development, one which would strengthen the roles of creator, innovator and coordinator with total respect for the laws of nature? The author points to the contemporary threats and the need to search for new ideas and a more sensitive interaction with the environment, organizations, society and nature. This is necessary not only in meeting the goals of sustainable development, but also for development that is renewable, energy-efficient, closed loop, coordinated with nature and respecting its laws – and even using them. International organizations should not only prevent violence and preserve human rights, but also support the integrated development of individuals, communities and societies. They would thus help prevent stratification while increasing awareness and stimulating creativity. Integral development covers everything and everyone, is complete and respects the constant changes occurring in dynamic space. The concept of integral development seems now closer to modern humanity. Integrity means the interplay and interaction between all the elements of a set (organizations, communities, businesses, workers, the environment, nature) and the common good. This is not merely an idea but an actual necessity. Integral development is human development, and its organization is compatible with nature. This means being aware of coexistence and need to improve. In the absence of one or the other of these, it would not be possible to speak of integral development.