Innowacje a zasada racjonalnego gospodarowania w agrobiznesie

Sławomir Juszczyk

Juszczyk, Sławomir; ORCID: 0000-0003-3790-6247
Innowacje a zasada racjonalnego gospodarowania w agrobiznesie
Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW - Ekonomika i Organizacja Gospodarki Żywnościowej, 2008, vol., nr 68, s. 5-15


The aim of this paper is to propose a discussion about the innovation and rational managing principle. The foundation for beginning this consideration begs the question – why Professor Oscar Lange used this name, but did not determine that there is a principle of ways to improve the effectiveness of managing in economics. If indeed there is a rational managing principle, also in the meaning ex ante, and we take into consideration such innovation which enlarge the financial outcome of a given economic entity, it seems that the rational managing principle, so far, does not exhaust the complexity of this issue. In author’s opinion the rational managing principle makes easier, on the one hand, an opinion of existing changes, on the other hand planning the production improvement in short, mid, and long – lived depiction. It allows with economic point of view to concentrate on problems from the past and on these which have short term, operation and strategic meaning. Furthermore, production improvement because of innovation is for the entity the base giving the chance to exist during the time. In the contemporary macroeconomic condition the economic entity’s success is existing on the market and not to worsen the financial condition. With the all point of view, in the entirely calculus, existing of the economy entity is not only financial profitable but has first of all fundamental social meaning. Predictable escalation of liberalisation in the EU agricultural policy will cause necessity the acceleration of production’s rationalisation in all the farms. The decreasing unit cost could be very difficult process, demanding the farming which is based on knowledge