Postrzeganie informacji żywieniowej przekazywanej za pomocą różnych form przekazów komercyjnych

Monika Mieczkowska, Helena Panfil-Kuncewicz, Katarzyna Staniewska, Bogusław Staniewski

Mieczkowska, Monika
Panfil-Kuncewicz, Helena
Staniewska, Katarzyna
Staniewski, Bogusław
Postrzeganie informacji żywieniowej przekazywanej za pomocą różnych form przekazów komercyjnych
Perception of nutritional information conveyed by different types of commercial mass media
Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW - Ekonomika i Organizacja Gospodarki Żywnościowej, 2010, vol., nr 86, s. 117-127


The aim of the paper was to determine the influence of the selected kinds of mass media on shaping the consumer’s consciousness within the scope of food, perception of nutritional standards and whether it is connected with the respondents’ demographical determinants. The research has been conducted in 2009–2010, on the group of 500 residents of Olsztyn, over 16 years old, recruited mainly in the shopping centres and popular public places. The method applied to this research constitutes a kind of survey, namely an interview form/ questionnaire. In order to establish the correlation between the demographical factors and perception of the selected mass media forms (information concerned with food and nutritional standards) one-factor adverbials analysis has been used. Taking into account the demographical factors of the respondents, the age was the main determinant having influence on the perception of different mass media used to convey food and nutritional information. Moreover, it has been established that the age factor significantly differentiated respondents’ opinions on the matter of perceiving the nutritional value as useful information and important from the dietary point of view and information that is helpful when it comes to product choices/choosing as well. The influence of the education on the perception of nutritional value as useful information in the process of product’s choice has been observed. To sum up, age was the factor differentiating consumers’ choices and perception in the most significant way.