How to improve landscape sustainability?

Jana Dufková, Milada Šťastná, Frantisek Toman

Dufková, Jana
Šťastná, Milada
Toman, Frantisek
How to improve landscape sustainability?
Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture, 2007, vol.1(16), nr , s. 80-87

Key words

sustainability land use Route Planner sources information


Almost every professional sector has embarked on the move toward sustainability. European landscapes are facing rapid changes in land use, where understanding and management of this process is essential. Sustainability has become a widely acknowledged dimension of huma actions, but still little stress is put on education in sustainability. This paper identifies focus of education, gives suggestions for improvements and presents a new tool for education and training in sustainable land use – “Route Planner”. As results, it provides all users with new interesting facts on sustainability in the European Union and additional materials related to sustainable land use and Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA). Users got the access to updated information regarding approximately 3000 courses on offer in this topic area throughout the European Union as well as case studies to compare sustainability practices in these countries in comparison to other parts of the world. Furthermore the end result of the information chain also leads the user to a collection of links such as interesting websites and further reading in the topic area