Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture 2015 15(30) (4)

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
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Full text
1. Balanovskауa T., Gavrysh O., Kraciuk J. Marketing Strategies as a Part of Crisis Management of Enterprises 5-16pdf
2. Chryniewicz Ł. Changes in the Value of Exports of Agricultural Products from Selected ACP Countries 17-25pdf
3. Dibrova A., Dibrova L., Labenko O. State Financial Support of Agriculture in Ukraine 26-32pdf
4. Dudek H., Koszela G., Krawiec M. Are Changes in Food Consumption in the European Union Environmentally Friendly? 33-40pdf
5. Florkowski W., Łysiak G. Quality Attribute-Price Relationship: Modernization of the Sweet Cherry Sector in Poland 41-55pdf
6. Galchynska J., Maciejczak M., Orlikowskyi M. Development of Bioenergy from Biomass in Ukraine 56-61pdf
7. Górska A. Calendar Effects in the Market of Crude Oil 62-70pdf
8. Gostkowski M., Jałowiecki P., Tekień A. Regional Diversification of Expenditure Structure in Poland: a GCA Approach 71-79pdf
9. Just M., Śmiglak-Krajewska M. Extreme Price Risk on the Market of Soybean Meal 80-88pdf
10. Kacperska E. Are Polish Agri-food Products Competitive on the EU Market? 89-100pdf
11. Klusek T. The Preferential Conditions for Land Acquisition as a Motivating Factor for Enlarging and Creating Farms in Poland 101-110pdf
12. Kandratsenka S. Food Security Monitoring in the Republic of Belarus 111-118pdf
13. Kozioł-Kaczorek D. Agricultural Property Market in Norway - Basic Information 119-126pdf
14. Laskowska E. Property Tax Systems in Selected European Union Countries and the Proposed Tax Reform in Poland 127-136pdf
15. Kazakova-Mateva Y., Peneva M. Local Food Systems and Rural Development in Bulgaria 147-155pdf
16. Poczta-Wajda A. Feeling of Relative Deprivation as a Driver for Higher Agricultural Subsidies 156-165pdf
17. Adrian T., Grigore D. Correlations between Fragmentation of Farms in the Republic of Moldova and its Impact on Farm Incomes Compared to Poland and Romania 166-179pdf
18. Pölling B., Sroka W. The Potential and Significance of Urban Agriculture on the Basis of the Ruhr Metropolis and the Upper Silesian Metropolis 180-193pdf
19. Timofti E. Developing an Integrated Methodology for Estimating Economic Efficiency of Production in Agricultural Enterprises Republic of Moldova 194-203pdf
20. Adamenko V., Oliynyk O., Wasilewski M. Financial System and Agricultural Growth: Evidence from Poland and Ukraine 204-214pdf
21. Wielewska I., Zuzek D. Environmental Awareness of Rural Population in the Light of the Authors' Research 215-222pdf