Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture 2009 6(21)

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Boldak A., Pestis P., Pestis M., Rudenko D., Rudenko E. Agroecotourism development in the Republic of Belarus 5-9pdf
2. Bratka V., Praulinš A. Diversity of Farm Indebtedness in Latvia and Poland: a Comparative Study 10-25pdf
3. Dibrova A., Dibrova L. Domestic support for Ukrainian agriculture under the conditions of world financial crisis 26-32pdf
4. Górecki J., Halicka E. Human and social capital in agricultural and rural development (Polish experiences) 33-40pdf
5. Gradziuk K. Development of food industry in Poland in the years 1998-2007 41-50pdf
6. Kobus P. Wheat yields variability in Poland at NUTS 2 level in context of production risk 51-58pdf
7. Manteuffel-Szoege H., Sobolewska A. Life cycle analysis with regard to environmental impact of apple wholesale packaging 59-68pdf
8. Degtyarevich L., Degtyarevich N., Sychtevnik A. Influence of the state support on the efficiency of dairy farms in Byelorussia 69-73pdf
9. Bíró B., Szocs E. Territorial differences of climate change impact on Romanian crop production 74-87pdf
10. Tabeau A. Influence of macro-economic growth, CAP reforms and biofuel policy on the Polish agri-food sector in 2007–2020 88-97pdf