Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of World Agriculture 2013 13(28) (4)

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Boldak A. Formation of Small Rural Business in the Republic of Belarus 5-9pdf
2. Czech K. Speculation in the Agricultural Commodity Market 10-17pdf
3. Chan-khi O. Policy Analysis Matrix: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of State Agricultural Policy for the Dairy Sector in Ukraine 18-24pdf
4. Kosior K. Agricultural Policies in the Context of Regional and Global Food Security Concerns - the Case of the Asian Region 25-33pdf
5. Hamulczuk M., Łopaciuk W. Price Linkage Between Milling and Feed Wheat Prices in Poland and Germany 34-44pdf
6. Jarzębowski S. Efficiency of Meat Processing Enterprises in Terms of Supply Chain Organization 45-55pdf
7. Kobus P. Modelling Joint Distribution of Crop Plant Yields and Prices With use of a Copula Function 66-75pdf
8. Kociszewski K. Biodiversity Protection in European Union Agriculture 76-86pdf
9. Krukowska M. European Investors and Land Acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa 94-104pdf
10. Majóczki-Katona S. Institutional Characteristics of the Hungarian Grain Sector - Research Methodology 115-121pdf
11. Melnyk K. The Peculiarities of Formation and Development of Agricultural Holdings in Ukraine 122-130pdf
12. Walkowska S. Application of Nutritional Marketing Tools in Press Advertisements 149-155pdf
13. Nuszkiewicz K., Roman M. Changes in Agricultural Production in Poland After Accession to the European Union 156-161pdf
14. Theuvsen L. Risks and Risk Management in Agriculture 162-174pdf
15. Wasilewska E. Economic Activity of Older People in Selected EU Countries 175-183pdf