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Annals of Marketing Management and Economics 2017 3 (2)

ISSN: 2449-7479 eISSN: 2543-8840
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Bil M. Population spatial mobility: essence and characteristics 5-16pdf
2. Gumenyuk V., Ilychok B., Poplavska Z., Pushak H. Exchange rate problems as an indicator of problems in governing the national economy 17-29pdf
3. Korzeniewska A. The behavioral preferences of leaders and team performance – the notions of neuroleader and neuroorganisation 31-39pdf
4. Lypchuk V., Stepura T. Qualimetric approaches to the quality of human potential in Ukraine 41-54pdf
5. Pozsár B. Do better socioeconomic features of population mean more competitive regions? 55-64pdf
6. Larina Y., Rafalska V. The place of lessors of land shares in the system of agricultural marketing in Ukraine 65-72pdf
7. Li X., Rembielak G., Wilson J. International students and motivation to study at postgraduate level – some evidence from China 73-87pdf
8. Rukuižienė R. Formalization of brand marketing management in the food industry 89-99pdf
9. Stepaniuk N. Development of educational migration in Ukraine 101-111pdf
10. Boshnjaku A., Kapaj A., Muca E., Thoma L. Brand awareness and consumer profile for milk: case of the Tirana market, Albania 113-119pdf
11. Szuba P., Tworzydło D. Verifying an image objectives matrix for measuring the effects of public relations activities in business 121-135pdf
12. Żukowska J. Integral human development 137-145pdf