Specyficzne uwarunkowania prowadzenia gospodarstw przez młodych rolników

Teresa Miś

Miś, Teresa; ORCID: 0000-0002-5164-0804
Specyficzne uwarunkowania prowadzenia gospodarstw przez młodych rolników
Specifi c Conditions for Farm Management by Young Farmers
Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW - Ekonomika i Organizacja Gospodarki Żywnościowej, 2009, vol., nr 75, s. 149-160


The project aimed at studying basic functional conditions for farms managed by young farmers. It showed that young farmers have been active and susceptible to changes, with consequential farm modernization. In their own opinions, the most important internal barriers in farm development are the shortage of own financial means, too small farm area and poor farm outfit with fixed assets. The most often indicated major factors dominating among external, farm-independent barriers were: too high prices of essential farm-production necessities, inflow of food products from abroad and problems experienced in sales of farm products and services. For an effective farm modernization process, young farmers need support from the institutional environment, including that by advisory and financial institutions, payment agencies, non-governmental organizations and local self-governments