Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Ekonomika i Organizacja Logistyki 2020 5 (3)

ISSN: 2450-8055 eISSN: 2543-8867
Lp. Autor / Tytuł Strony Pobierz
Full text
1. Pavlić Skender H., Štefanić A., Zaninović P. The logistics performance analysis in European Union – EU-15 vs. EU-13 5-16pdf
2. Köktaş A., Selçuk I. Transport sector energy use and carbon emissions: a study on sectoral fiscal policies 17-30pdf
3. Domagała J. Macro-logistics as tools for shaping today’s economy 31-44pdf
4. Bareja-Wawryszuk O. Determinants of spatial concentration of short food supply chains on example of marginal, localized and restricted activities in Poland 45-56pdf
5. Maciąg A., Stangierska D. Assessment of the place of purchase of vegetables and fruits as expressed by consumers 57-64pdf
6. Górecka A., Zborowska P. The factors influencing the growth in dropshipping orders during the COVID-19 pandemic 65-76pdf
7. Wicki L. The impact of WMS implementation on work productivity. The case of three distribution warehouses 77-91pdf
8. Klepacki B., Mindewicz P. The volatility of price offers of passenger airlines on the example of the Warsaw – Brussels route 93-104pdf