Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW w Warszawie - Problemy Rolnictwa Światowego 2016 16(31) (4)

ISSN: 2081-6960 eISSN: 2544-0659
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Full text
1. Moldovan-Teselios C., Pocol C., Pop I., Stan L. Alfalfa Powder: Healthy Food Supplement for Sustainable Consumption 7-17pdf
2. Kuźnar A. Poland’s Trade in Services with Germany – EU Membership Experience 18-32pdf
3. Górska A., Krawiec M. The Stability of Component Assets in Optimal Portfolios of Stock and Commodity Indexes 33-43pdf
4. Andrzejczak K., Przysiecka Ł. Genetic Technology Transfer to Kenyan Agriculture in the Context of Biotechnology Research 44-54pdf
5. Bąk-Filipek E. Changes in Polish Foreign Trade of Cattle Livestock and Beef 55-64pdf
6. Bezkorovainyi A., Jarzębowski S. Innovative Clusters Development: Polish Experience for Ukraine while Building Triple Helix Ecosystem in Agribusiness 65-73pdf
7. Borowska A. Changes and Evolutions of Beekeeping Sector in Poland between 2010-2015, in the Context of EU Adhesion 74-85pdf
8. Brelik A. Economic Activity of Farms Against Farms Countries of the European Union 86-91pdf
9. Czech K. Structural Changes in Wheat Market 92-98pdf
10. Göktaş P. Can Unprocessed Food Prices Really Be One of the Main Responsible Causes for not Achieving Inflation Targets in Turkey? 99-114pdf
11. Górecka A. Transportation Costs of Containers from Asia to Europe via DCT Gdansk and Hamburg Seaports 115-122pdf
12. Horin N. Support of Eco-innovation Projects in Agriculture: Case of Poland 123-130pdf
13. Boiko V., Hubeni Y., Olishchuk P. Tools and Mechanisms for Rural Area Development in the State Economic Security Policy System 131-139pdf
14. Jarosz-Angowska A., Kąkol M. Comparative Analysis of Support to Agriculture in the QUAD Countries in 1986-2014 140-154pdf
15. Kacperska E. Foreign Direct Investment in World Economy 155-168pdf
16. Kiforenko O. Agroholdings as the Subjects of the Economy Globalization – the Example of Ukraine 169-178pdf
17. Kobus P. Inequalities in Agricultural Subsidies in European Union 179-187pdf
18. Kozioł-Kaczorek D. The Livestock Production in Norway 188-195pdf
19. Krzyżanowski J. The Problems of Direct Support for Plant Production in the European Union and the United States 196-204pdf
20. Laskowska E., Torgomyan S. The Role of Government in the Housing Market 205-212pdf
21. Łukasiewicz K. Arrivals of Foreigners to Poland with Particular Emphasis on Visitors from Outside the Schengen Area – Characteristics and Prospects for the Future 213-222pdf
22. Matyja M. Position of Polish Agricultural Production Cooperatives on the International and Domestic Market 223-231pdf
23. Hasen M., Kebede K., Mekonnen H., Tegegne B. Farmer’s Perception of Soil and Water Conservation Practices in Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia 232-239pdf
24. Mucha-Leszko B. Causes and Consequences of Deindustrialization in the Euro Area 240-252pdf
25. Parlińska M., Pomichowski P. Evaluation of Human Capital in Selected EU Countries Using Cluster Analysis 253-259pdf
26. Anusz K., Bogdan J., Pławińska-Czarnak J., Podlasiewski T., Zarzyńska J. Consumer Safety Awareness – How the Labelling Can Protect Health of Gluten Intolerant People 260-271pdf
27. Arion F., Mureşan I., Poruţiu A., Stefko O. Considerations Regarding a Comparative Economic Approach on Corn and Wheat Crops on a Representative Soil in Romania 272-280pdf
28. Ganczewski G., Prandota A., Rejman K., Zabłocka K. The Possibility of Food Consumption Improvement by Reducing Food Wastage in the Households in Poland 281-292pdf
29. Popławski Ł., Thier A. Problems of Water Management in Agriculture in the World 293-300pdf
30. Tłuczak A. Changes in the Structure of Agricultural Production in the European Union with Particular Emphasis on Poland and Latvia 301-307pdf
31. Orlykovskyi M., Poprozman N., Wasilewski M., Zaburanna L. Methodological Aspects of Creating the System of Indicators of Crisis Prevention as the Foundation for Stabilization of Agricultural Production Based on Ukrainian Experience 308-321pdf
32. Drab M., Werenowska A. Cultural Aspects of Employer Branding 322-328pdf